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The Crete and Santorini Experience

The Crete Experience Tour 8 days (+3 day optional extension) with Dr Chris Hale discovering the Lost World of the Minoans visits to Santorini, Akrotiri, Knossos.

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Cultural Tours - Led by Experts

Our Concept

The Cultural Experience are specialists in arranging tours to famous archaeological landmarks and historical sites of interest all over the world. Our tour programme covers a wide range of destinations and a great many eras. Simply choose your destination and you will be taken to that bygone age where you can learn how events unfolded and why and immerse yourself in that age of civilisation.

We offer luxury travel, taking you to places not easily accessed as an idividudal and we keep our groups small in number, on tour you'll be with no more than 20 people.

Many of us were brought up on a one-dimensional view of history – a chronology of events. We believe that history is three-dimensional – people, time and place – and our Archaeology Tours aim to bring all these dimensions together on one trip by visiting the actual places where the events happened, walking in the footsteps and getting inside the minds of the people who were actually there on the day. This can be a very moving but enjoyable experience – both for us to deliver and for you to receive.

Enjoy browsing this website, donít hesitate to contact us by email or telephone on UK: 0345 475 1815 International: 00 44 1722 340699 if you have any queries, and if you decide to join us this year we look forward to travelling with you.

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The Pompeii Experience

The Pompeii Experience

Our programme covers the best archaelogical sites surrounding The Bay of Naples in Southern Italy - Not only the impressive remains of the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum but also those that are less well-known, including Oplontis, Stabiae, Cumae, Baiae and Pozzuoli.

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